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The gang has moved into a house together. That’s really all the backstory you need; let’s hope they don’t kill each now.

1. Kaylin
2. Makarios
3. Kai
4. Callisto
5. Aibell
6. Azlariel
7. Kato
8. Cal
9. Morgan
10. Glenna

1.Ten (Glenna), Two (Makarios) and Six (Azlariel) were forced to share a room. What kind of chaos would this cause?

Oh lord. Az would be in the corner, probably muttering to himself in his native language (he hasn't had the time to learn any languages on Earth, poor baby), Makarios would be pissed at having to spend his nights with a still-in-diapers infant, and Glenna wouldn't care either way.

2.Three (Kai) and Five (Aibell) lost a bet, and now they have to go on a date together! How would this go?

Badly. At this point, Kai and Aibell only tolerate each other, and throwing those two together for a date would be really awkward...Aibell's only about five or six, so it wouldn't be much of a date. More like an organized playdate, since she wouldn't go without one of the others with her.

3.Seven (Kato) and Four (Callisto) were out on a drive together and ended up with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. How do they react to the situation?

Kato would panic, while Callisto sits there and openly mocks him. Once Kato calmed down (or Callisto knocked him out, whichever happened first), there's always Callisto's cell.

4.Somebody left some flowers for Eight (Cal) on their bed. How do they react? And who would have been more likely to leave the flowers: One (Kaylin) or Three (Kai)?

Cal'd probably smile and get them a vase. Then not mention that they were there until someone else did. And it'd likely be Kai that left them. Cal is his father after all.

5.Four (Callisto) is stuck doing the grocery shopping! What kind of stuff would they buy?

Alcohol. Various party foods. Anything the house didn't really need, just to piss everybody off.

6.Someone is taking forever in the bathroom this morning. Is it Ten (Glenna), Five (Aibell) or Six (Azlariel), and why?

Azlariel. As he tries to figure out a way to make a tub both comfortable to sleep in and retain it's warmth through the night. (amphibious, yo)

7.Seven (Kato) decides to throw a party! How many people do they invite, and how do their housemates feel about this?

Kato'd probably limit invites to his housemates and people connected with those there. And he'd completely forgot something important to the party and panic. They're used to this, so they'd just sigh and walk away.

8.One (Kaylin) opened the fridge this morning to find that, even though the shopping was done recently, it’s almost empty. How do they react, and who would they accuse?

Atomic bomb. Kaylin has to, and I mean has to, have his seafood. At least whatever he can find that's cheapest. And dairy. Kid loves both of 'em, and if he doesn't have it...

9.Uh-oh! Nine (Morgan) and Four (Callisto) got caught gossiping about Two (Makarios)! What were they saying about their friend?

Callisto? And Morgan? Oh good sweet lord. Probably something really incriminating from the past, since Callisto and Makarios are brother and sister. The reaction would likely be extremely loud too.

10.Someone left Five (Aibell) and Nine (Morgan) in charge of decorating the living room. What ends up happening?

Shenanigans. A five year old and a bitchy 10 in appearance? Bright colors and uncomfortable materials. Definitely.


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